Silverstone National – 21.04.2019



0 PTS / 0 PTS

2ND / 1ST


20 PTS / 25 PTS

18TH / 18TH


0 PTS / 0 PTS

122Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha54.23553.77553.802--
225Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati54.19656.16453.9240.1490.149
395Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha54.82654.07453.9880.2130.064
471Claudio CORTITeam WD-4055.07654.30854.0380.2630.050
512Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki54.52254.07754.3010.3020.039
645Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati54.48054.27054.0970.3220.020
783Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki54.90954.42854.1050.3300.008
821Christian IDDONTyco BMW54.46754.21054.1510.3760.046
961Ben CURRIEQuattro Kawasaki55.53154.83254.1560.3810.005
1018Andrew IRWINQuattro Kawasaki54.81054.39754.1590.3840.003
1110Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki54.20954.33854.1930.4180.034
124Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha54.68854.21454.3520.4390.021
1381Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki54.39854.56954.2770.5020.063
142Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki54.94454.69254.3670.5920.090
1533Keith FARMERTyco BMW54.84054.39754.9710.6220.030
166Xavi FORESHonda Racing54.80054.85454.4100.6350.013
1728Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki55.17355.25854.5030.7280.093
1846Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati55.11354.83254.5040.7290.001
197Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki56.00354.78454.5670.7920.063
2060Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW54.88054.84854.6570.8820.090
2123David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha55.59955.37054.7851.0100.128
2240Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW56.07255.43654.9501.1750.165
2320Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati55.35554.97854.9971.2030.028
248Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha56.12255.21255.3551.4370.234
2559Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha55.80555.23255.3511.4570.020
265Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki55.82955.35155.7811.5760.119
2777James ELLISONSmiths BMW56.31555.86055.4161.6410.065
2889Faser ROGERSGearlink Kawaski56.17755.44355.5061.6680.027
2937James HillierQuattro Kawasaki55.98455.72155.6581.8830.215
3090Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki56.80855.91256.1172.1370.254
3111Connor CUMMINSPadgetts Honda56.32556.41755.9652.1900.053
3274Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki56.23856.40955.9802.2050.015
1Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha54.11553.87653.549--
2Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha54.14453.82153.6030.0540.054
3Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati54.05153.97453.6070.0580.004
4Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki54.15153.97753.7380.1890.131
5Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki54.00254.00253.8080.2590.070
6Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha54.28953.91853.8740.3250.066
7Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati54.37253.95653.8930.3440.019
8Christian IDDONTyco BMW54.22554.06654.0810.5320.188
9Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki54.15954.01554.2230.6740.142
10Claudio CORTITeam WD-4054.34954.1220.573-
11Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki54.37354.1810.6320.059
12Ben CURRIEQuattro Kawasaki54.24654.2380.6890.057
13Andrew IRWINQuattro Kawasaki54.35754.2740.7250.036
14Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki54.36454.3090.7600.035
15Keith FARMERTyco BMW54.26154.3250.7760.016
16Xavi FORESHonda Racing54.33554.3810.8320.056
17Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki54.34754.6801.1310.299
18Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki54.2130.664-
19Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW54.3800.8310.167
20David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha54.4890.9400.109
21Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW54.5070.9580.018
22Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati54.6561.1070.149
23Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha54.7111.1620.055
24Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha54.7301.1810.019
25Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki55.1041.5550.374
26James ELLISONSmiths BMW55.2881.7390.184
27Faser ROGERSGearlink Kawaski55.3321.7830.044
28James HillierQuattro Kawasaki55.3411.7920.009
29Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki55.3571.8080.016
30Connor CUMMINSPadgetts Honda55.5682.0190.211
31Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki55.7342.1850.166
32Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati55.7442.1950.010
1Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki3027:44.54754.169
2Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha3027:44.5640.0170.01754.165
3Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati3027:48.6654.1184.10154.270
4Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki3027:50.0195.4721.35454.390
5Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati3027:52.0527.5052.03354.582
6Andrew IRWINQuattro Kawasaki3027:52.7838.2360.73154.461
7Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki3027:56.10111.5543.31854.572
8Claudio CORTITeam WD-403027:56.44711.9000.34654.551
9Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki3027:56.57112.0240.12454.403
10Xavi FORESHonda Racing3027:57.75713.2101.18654.579
11Christian IDDONTyco BMW3028:01.67117.1243.91454.445
12Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki3028:03.91919.3722.24854.692
13Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha3028:04.85220.3050.93354.326
14Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW3028:06.86822.3212.01654.767
15Keith FARMERTyco BMW3028:07.52422.9770.65654.671
16Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki3028:08.16723.6200.64354.671
17Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati3028:10.76726.2202.60054.936
18Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha3028:17.79133.2447.02455.335
19Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki3028:17.90733.3600.11655.370
20Faser ROGERSGearlink Kawaski3028:18.06933.5220.1625.305
21Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW3028:19.12134.5741.05255.341
22Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki3028:28.27043.7239.14955.539
23James HILLIERQuattro Kawasaki3027:42.3751 Lap1 Lap55.980
24Connor CUMMINSPadgetts Honda3027:42.8271 Lap0.45255.906
DNFJason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha2926:46.8461 Lap-54.196
DNFJosh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati2220:34.4418 Laps7 Laps54.472
DNFShaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1918:14.49511 Laps3 Laps55.166
DNFJames ELLISONSmiths BMW1413:33.19016 Laps5 Laps55.076
DNFGlenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki302:48.49227 Laps11 Laps54.478
DNFBen CURRIEQuattro Kawasaki302:49.20127 Laps0.70954.729
DNFDavid ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha302:49.88927 Laps0.68855.138
DNFDean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki0----

PENALTY -95 Tarran Mackenzie – Long lap equivalent time penalty of 3 seconds – Causing a crash

FASTEST LAP -#95 Tarran Mackenzie 54.165

1Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha3330:43.837--54.264
2Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki3330:44.4720.6350.63554.322
3Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki3330:44.8411.0040.36954.258
4Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati3330:46.0942.2571.25354.337
5Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki3330:47.7813.9441.68754.459
6Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki3330:48.6504.8130.86954.443
7Andrew IRWINQuattro Kawasaki3330:51.2057.3682.55554.423
8Xavi FORESHonda Racing3330:51.4247.5870.21954.512
9Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha3330:51.6527.8150.22854.551
10Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki3330:51.8247.9870.17254.652
11Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki3330:51.9388.1010.11454.577
12Keith FARMERTyco BMW3330:52.1398.3020.20154.618
13Ben CURRIEQuattro Kawasaki3330:52.3398.5020.20054.723
14Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW3330:54.76610.9292.42754.880
15Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki3330:55.04811.2110.28254.956
16Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati3330:57.92714.0902.87955.037
17Christian IDDONTyco BMW3330:58.74014.9030.81354.500
18Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha3330:58.98215.1450.24255.138
19David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha3330:59.25915.4220.27755.065
20Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW3330:59.46315.6260.20455.255
21Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki3331:01.97218.1352.50955.277
22Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki3331:03.41119.5741.43955.362
23James HILLIERQuattro Kawasaki3331:11.76527.9288.35455.674
DNFJames ELLISONSmiths BMW3028:33.1943 Laps3 Laps54.885
DNFJosh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1917:22.77514 Laps11 Laps54.458
DNFDean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki1917:52.58614 Laps29.81155.453
DNFShaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1514:09.89118 Laps4 Laps55.223
DNFConnor CUMMINSPadgetts Honda98:45.63024 Laps6 Laps56.226
DNFScott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati43:42.30429 Laps5 Laps54.694
DNFJason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha32:46.81030 Laps1 Lap54.750
DNFClaudio CORTITeam WD-40157.94632 Laps2 Laps-
DNFFaser ROGERSGearlink Kawaski0----

FASTEST LAP -#83 Danny BUCHAN 54.258


Tarran Mackenzie took his maiden Bennetts British Superbike victory in the opening round of the 2019 championship at Silverstone in an eventful day for the McAMS Yamaha team.

Both Mackenzie and team-mate O’Halloran had been quick throughout the weekend.  Rounding out Friday practice first and second (O’Halloran leading Mackenzie) would only be a sign of things to come as the duo locked out the first two spots on the grid for the opening race with Mackenzie in pole and O’Halloran lining up next to him.

The pair got off to a perfect start and controlled the opening race with pace that their rivals were unable to match throughout. Inseparable in the final laps with O’Halloran holding the advantage, it was between the McAMS Yamaha duo for the win. However, a move from Mackenzie at the penultimate turn on the last lap resulted in contact, which in turn saw O’Halloran crash out of the race.

Despite crossing the line to take victory, Mackenzie was later handed a three second penalty for the move, which moved him back to second place in the final result.

The duo spoke and shook hands soon after the race, keen to move on and make amends in race two.

Mackenzie and O’Halloran again took an early lead in the second race, but the attack from behind was stronger than in the opening encounter. Choosing to allow the race order to settle, Mackenzie sat comfortably in fourth for the first half of the race, waiting to make his move which came just before half race distance. A lap later and the young gun was in the lead and didn’t look back, despite a safety car intervention and an addition of three laps making things a little more difficult.

O’Halloran’s luck would regrettably run out again, with a technical issue forcing him to retire on just the third lap.

Matt Truelove enjoyed a strong debut in the superbike class, taking a best finish of 18<sup>th</sup> in the second race.

Mackenzie’s win and second place see him sit joint-championship leader with OMG Racing’s Josh Elliott after the opening race.

The team’s attention now turns to a test at Oulton Park on Thursday ahead of the second round of the championship at the Cheshire circuit in two weeks’ time.

Tarran Mackenzie
Race 1: 2nd  Race 2: 1st
“To get my first proper victory is amazing. We didn’t have the best pre-season and struggled quite a lot but we found something on Friday that made the bike a little easier to ride and gave me a lot more confidence. It was unfortunate what happened in race one, I tried to put that to the back of my mind and got on with race two. I was gutted to see Jason break down as I genuinely wanted to have a proper race with him. The safety car coming out towards the end of the second race made things more difficult, but I was able to maintain the gap and take the win.”

Jason O’Halloran
Race 1: DNF    Race 2: DNF 
“That’s bike racing. We had a really strong weekend and worked hard all through practice, qualified on the front row of the grid and then got to the front in race one and led 29 and three quarter laps. I felt really comfortable on the bike so fair play to the guys. I’ve never felt so comfortable and in control of a race, but unfortunately we had the coming together at the final corner. In race two, the bike felt slow from the start but I was still coming back through when we had the issue. Oulton Park will be round one for me, we need to forget this weekend and focus on the positives. In my whole career I have never had so much pace, or so much control on a bike so I’m looking forward to the year ahead.”

Matt Truelove
Race 1: 18th, Race 2: 18th
“I came here wanting to finish in the top 20 so to take 18th twice I have to be happy. However, in race two I was 16th before the safety car and closing down the guys in the points but I lost my rhythm a bit after the car and just got pipped towards the end. Overall it was a productive weekend and I’m looking forward to Oulton Park.”

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“We’ve had really good pace all weekend. Taz has long deserved a BSB win so it’s great to see him on that top step, he’s a great rider and we know it might be the first win but we know it won’t be the last. It was a real shame for Jason, things just haven’t worked out for him at all today despite him riding so, so well. We took a win and a second this weekend so overall it’s a successful weekend. You cannot think about what could have been in bike racing, you just have to move on!”

Lap Record

BIKERAF Kawasaki

Best Lap

RIDERTarran Mackenzie

2018 Result

1.Leon HASLAM (JG Speedfit Kawasaki)23:42.398
2.Tarran MACKENZIE (McAMS Yamaha)+0.075
3.Jake DIXON (RAF Kawasaki)+0.274