DONINGTON PARK GP – 06.10.2019

11TH / 10TH


5 PTS / 6 PTS

12TH / 9TH


4 PTS / 7 PTS

21ST / 21ST


0 PTS / 0 PTS

1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1:41.2221:40.7611:29.337--
2Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1:41.1181:40.2751:29.7240.3870.387
3Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1:42.2021:39.4131:30.0210.6840.297
4Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1:40.017-1:30.0750.7380.054
5Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki-1:42.6761:30.1720.8350.097
6Christian IDDONTyco BMW1:41.4261:40.5031:30.2850.9480.113
7Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1:43.8981:44.0021:30.3220.9850.037
8Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1:41.2721:42.8101:30.3461.0090.024
9Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1:41.9991:42.1681:30.4381.1010.092
10Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1:42.2431:42.5951:30.4861.1490.048
11Taylor MACKENZIETyco BMW1:40.9871:40.2261:30.4951.1580.009
12Andrew IRWINHonda Racing1:40.4651:39.2101:30.5451.2080.050
13Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki1:41.2811:42.0501:30.5831.2460.038
14Xavi FORÉSHonda Racing1:41.9451:40.6081:30.6461.3090.063
15Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki1:42.7511:41.3311:30.7441.4070.098
16Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki-1:43.7651:30.7871.4500.043
17Alex OLSENSmiths BMW1:43.5041:42.6231:30.9201.5830.133
18Héctor BARBERÁJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:44.1401:42.7471:31.0041.6670.084
19Claudio CORTITeam WD-401:42.6711:43.7531:31.1421.8050.138
20Ben CURRIEJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:41.0291:40.8511:31.2261.8890.084
21Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1:40.1761:40.7971:31.3281.9910.102
22James ELLISONOMG Suzuki1:42.6451:42.9501:31.5652.2280.237
23David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1:44.8281:43.9291:32.0942.7570.529
24Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki1:44.2401:44.1861:32.2382.9010.144
25Josh OWENSCDH Racing Kawasaki1:44.3101:43.3171:32.3052.9680.067
26Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1:44.8631:42.6531:32.3362.9990.031
27Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1:47.3791:46.7721:32.3573.0200.021
28Billy McCONNELLOMG Suzuki1:46.3391:51.9661:32.7683.4310.411
29Gino REABike Devil MV Agusta-1:42.7611:33.0973.7600.329
30Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1:46.6221:43.4271:34.2894.9521.192
31Ashley BEECHNP BMW1:46.5561:47.1961:34.9105.5730.621
1Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1:29.4481:28.8471:28.403-
2Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1:29.3951:29.0801:28.8320.429
3Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1:29.8521:29.2741:28.9450.542
4Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki1:29.9621:29.3481:29.0680.665
5Christian IDDONTyco BMW1:29.8231:29.2601:29.1320.729
6Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1:30.1341:29.3431:29.2590.856
7Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1:29.7671:29.1781:29.2990.896
8Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1:29.6271:29.3491:29.3290.926
9Taylor MACKENZIETyco BMW1:30.1301:29.4531:29.9221.519
10Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1:30.1971:29.5951.192
11Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1:30.1891:29.6141.211
12Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1:30.2331:29.7121.309
13Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1:30.8461:29.7331.330
14Andrew IRWINHonda Racing1:30.1051:29.7571.354
15Xavi FORÉSHonda Racing1:30.2541:29.7671.364
16Claudio CORTITeam WD-407:40.8001:29.8471.444
17Alex OLSENSmiths BMW1:30.2691:29.8511.448
18Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki1:30.3001:29.8771.897
19Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1:30.5222.119
20Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki1:30.8002.397
21Ben CURRIEJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:30.8092.406
22Billy McCONNELLOMG Suzuki1:30.9832.580
23Héctor BARBERÁJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:31.0262.623
24David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1:31.1202.717
25Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1:31.3252.922
26James ELLISONOMG Suzuki1:31.3412.938
27Josh OWENSCDH Racing Kawasaki1:31.5473.144
28Gino REABike Devil MV Agusta1:31.5983.195
29Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1:31.6293.226
30Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1:32.7074.304
31Ashley BEECHNP BMW1:34.0375.634
1Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati2030:07.688--1:29.639
2Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati2030:09.7822.0942.0941:29.852
3Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati2030:12.7895.1013.0071:29.986
4Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW2030:15.5837.8952.7941:29.997
5Andrew IRWINHonda Racing2030:20.66112.9735.0781:30.145
6Christian IDDONTyco BMW2030:22.93715.2492.2761:29.839
7Xavi FORÉSHonda Racing2030:25.35917.6712.4221:30.535
8Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki2030:25.90318.2150.5441:30.519
9Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki2030:26.46818.7800.5651:30.659
10Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki2030:26.68919.0010.2211:30.541
11Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha2030:27.70620.0181.0171:30.512
12Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha2030:28.45420.7660.7481:30.504
13Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki2030:29.01721.3290.5631:30.570
14Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW2030:32.93825.2503.9211:30.634
15Claudio CORTITeam WD-402030:33.62925.9410.6911:30.603
16Alex OLSENSmiths BMW2030:34.99327.3051.3641:30.622
17Héctor BARBERÁJG Speedfit Kawasaki2030:53.58745.89918.5941:31.017
18Billy McCONNELLOMG Suzuki2030:56.85949.1713.2721:31.524
19Ben CURRIEJG Speedfit Kawasaki2030:57.18149.4930.3221:31.612
20Gino REABike Devil MV Agusta2031:06.84859.1609.6671:32.027
21Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha2031:07.8700.1821.0221:31.828
22Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki2031:08.1590.4710.2891:31.887
23David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha2031:30.84523.15722.6861:32.873
24Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1931:14.4071 Lap1 Lap1:33.561
DNFJames ELLISONOMG Suzuki1830:01.7932 Laps1 Lap1:32.020
DNFSam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1421:53.3346 Laps4 Laps1:32.519
DNFDan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha46:10.82916 Laps10 Laps1:30.775
DNFAshley BEECHNP BMW46:29.63816 Laps18.8091:31.538
DNFBradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki35:02.59017 Laps1 Lap1:31.355
DNFJosh OWENSCDH Racing Kawasaki0
1Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati2031:11.216--1:29.186
2Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati2031:11.7290.5130.5131:28.987
3Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati2031:16.5325.3164.8031:29.354
4Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki2031:20.6369.4204.1041:29.593
5Christian IDDONTyco BMW2031:23.13211.9162.4961:29.897
6Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki2031:23.23012.0140.0981:29.620
7Andrew IRWINHonda Racing2031:23.77612.5600.5461:29.814
8Xavi FORÉSHonda Racing2031:23.95212.7360.1761:29.674
9Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha2031:25.81914.6031.8671:29.947
10Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha2031:26.51815.3020.6991:30.010
11Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki2031:31.89720.6815.3791:30.360
12Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki2031:31.97720.7610.0801:30.303
13Alex OLSENSmiths BMW2031:34.28823.0722.3111:30.298
14Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki2031:38.64127.4254.3531:30.472
15Claudio CORTITeam WD-402031:39.02727.8110.3861:30.620
16Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW2031:39.33628.1200.3091:30.589
17Héctor BARBERÁJG Speedfit Kawasaki2031:43.51832.3024.1821:30.695
18Ben CURRIEJG Speedfit Kawasaki2031:43.67532.4590.1571:30.736
19Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha2031:48.14136.9254.4661:30.934
20James ELLISONOMG Suzuki2031:52.76741.5514.6261:30.969
21Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha2032:02.41851.2029.6511:31.769
22Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki2032:03.94152.7251.5231:32.304
23David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha2032:06.90355.6872.9621:32.214
24Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki2032:07.08455.8680.1811:32.336
25Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha2032:20.8051:09.58913.7211:32.669
26Gino REABike Devil MV Agusta1832:07.2812 Laps2 Laps1:30.916
DNFPeter HICKMANSmiths BMW1219:19.8478 Laps6 Laps1:29.533
DNFJosh OWENSCDH Racing Kawasaki712:06.20813 Laps5 Laps1:35.515
DNFBilly McCONNELLOMG Suzuki11:37.92719 Laps6 Laps


The McAMS Yamaha team return to action for the penultimate round of the 2019 Bennetts British Superbike championship at Donington Park this weekend.

It’s the second visit to the Leicestershire track this season, only this time the event will take place on the full, 2.5-mile Grand Prix layout rather than the shorter national circuit used back in May.

Donington Park holds fond memories for the team as a venue where Showdown contender Tarran Mackenzie took to the podium earlier this year with second place in race one.

Still in contention for the 2019 crown, Mackenzie will be looking to bounce back from a difficult weekend last time out at Assen to get his championship fight back on track at his local round.

After taking to the podium for the first time with McAMS Yamaha last time out at Assen, Jason O’Halloran is looking to carry that momentum into this weekend. Still struggling with his shoulder injury, the Aussie wants to take each round as it comes as he looks to get fit for 2020, but that isn’t dampening his hunger for further podium glory.

Rookie Matt Truelove is looking forward to returning to familiar ground as he continues his quest to score his first British Championship points after a challenging debut season.

Practice gets underway on Friday with qualifying on Saturday before both races on Sunday afternoon.

Tarran Mackenzie
Championship: 5th (527 points)
“Assen wasn’t the ideal way to start the Showdown, but on Sunday I felt like I gained some confidence back. We have a good setting for Donington and I finished every race in the top five earlier this year. We shouldn’t have to change too much on the GP layout so hopefully we can hit the ground running. It looks like the weather might play a part too, but it is what it is! The aim has to be to get back to the front, we have shown our potential this year so we need to get back on the podium.”

Jason O’Halloran
Championship: 9th (156 points)
“After finally standing on the podium with McAMS Yamaha at Assen, I am fired up and ready to go for the final two weekends of the year. The bike felt good at Donington earlier in the year and we’ve actually made a lot of progress since then, so I’m confident ahead of the weekend. Everyone knows the situation with my shoulder and it hasn’t changed, but like Donington, Assen is a bit easier on the body. Come rain or shine, the aim is to be back fighting for podiums to end the year on a high.”

Matt Truelove
“Assen wasn’t what we wanted, so I’m looking forward to going to Donington and going back on track. Obviously we raced there earlier in the year when everything was new for me, but a few weeks back we did an endurance race there and despite being injured things felt pretty good, so hopefully that gives us a good base for the weekend ahead. There are only two rounds left now and we’ve been close to the points on a number of occasions this year, so it’d be nice to box it off before the end of the season.”

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“I can’t quite believe it’s the penultimate round of the year. Where has all that time gone? We had a good round at Donington earlier this year with Taz on the podium and Jason on the pace until he unfortunately crashed out. The aim is to get Taz back up the sharp end as finishing in the top three in the championship isn’t out of the question yet. Assen was tough for him, but he’s been able to build his confidence again and I think going back to a circuit we’ve already ridden at this year will further help with that. Considering the injury, Jason has been riding excellently in the last few rounds so we look forward to seeing what he can do to finish off the season in the last two events.”

Challenging weather conditions made for a tricky opening day as the 11th round of the 2019 Bennetts British Superbike championship got underway at Donington Park.

Constant drizzle meant for a wet opening session and with rain forecast for Sunday, the McAMS Yamaha riders were eager to get out to test a wet-setting with the YZF-R1 as well as the new, harder Pirelli rear wet.

Uncomfortable with the harder tyre, Mackenzie ended the session 14th quickest while team-mate Jason O’Halloran was 12th having tried both the new tyre and a new component while Matt Truelove slipped off in the early stages at McLeans, later returning to the track after a speedy effort from the team to fix his machine. He rounded the session out 24th overall.

It had looked as though FP2 would be dry, but a sudden shower just as machines rolled out of pit lane put pay to that. Waiting to see what the weather would do, all three riders headed out on the wet track towards the middle of the session, returning to the pits before the end as the track started to dry in places leaving increasingly tricky conditions.

Jason O’Halloran, who tested a setting with the front that took them in the wrong direction, rounded out the session 12th. Completing just seven laps in the session as he chose to avoid the risk at the end of the session, Mackenzie was 13th while Truelove sat 15th overall.

Jason O’Halloran
Pos: 12th Time: 1’42.168
“Tricky conditions today! We got out there and did some laps as we had some new parts to test, which we put in for the last run in FP2. It was really positive and I really liked what we tried, we also tried a different setting today that didn’t quite work but we persevered with it through both sessions to get some data and knowledge, but tomorrow we’ll go back to what we know works and hopefully be able to put it all together.”

Tarran Mackenzie
Pos: 14th Time: 1’42.595
“Conditions were up and down. In the wet this morning I felt really strong, this afternoon it dried out quite a bit towards the end so I didn’t feel as comfortable pushing as I didn’t see the point when conditions were like that. There are no points for free practice and I didn’t want to end up on the floor. The main thing is if it’s wet for the rest of the weekend I feel confident and if it’s dry we have a good base setting here from earlier in the year so I’m feeling confident.”

Matt Truelove
Pos: 15th Time: 1’42.653
“Today was a bit of a waste as the times don’t really show a lot as conditions were so hit and miss – not one or the other. I had a little slip off this morning at McLeans, I don’t know what happened as the rear just came around on me, a bit of a typical Donington Park crash which leaves you puzzled to be honest! I felt good in the wet, so we’ll see what the weather does for the rest of the weekend.”

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“The timesheets don’t look great but the conditions made it tough today. We could easily be sitting here putting bikes back together after a cold, wet October day at Donington Park but the bikes are in one piece, the riders are in one piece and we actually learned a lot, especially with Jason who tried some new parts and found them beneficial. We’ll crack on tomorrow and hopefully be further up the timesheets! Fingers crossed the weather holds off but it looks like it could be up and down all weekend.”

Qualifying proved to be a challenging affair for the McAMS Yamaha team at Donington Park with both Tarran Mackenzie and Jason O’Halloran missing out on the chance to fight for pole.

After two wet sessions on Friday, Saturday’s proceedings began with the first dry session of the weekend. With a number of new parts to test from Yamaha including a new option link, both Mackenzie and O’Halloran were kept busy, completing a number of runs throughout the 45 minutes. Struggling with the front end, Mackenzie ended the session tenth quickest, behind team-mate O’Halloran in ninth.

Both sides were confident they’d found improvements for qualifying and things were looking good as they progressed through to Q2 with ease. Things were looking strong in Q2, and with two minutes to go Mackenzie was sat in seventh place. However, the team took the risk of hoping he’d be safe and kept a tyre for Q3, but he narrowly missed out and will start the first race tenth with O’Halloran one spot behind in 11th.

It was also a tough day for rookie Matt Truelove, who qualified 29th.

Tarran Mackenzie
Qualifying: 10th     Time: 1’29.595
“The bike felt alright in FP3 but in qualifying I struggled in Q1. The bike got better for Q2 and I felt like I’d done a good lap time, but I didn’t want to use two tyres to get into Q3 but we didn’t get in. We’ve learned quite a lot on the data tonight so I feel we are in a good position if it’s dry tomorrow and if it’s wet, the bike felt quite good yesterday so I’m confident we are prepared for both conditions.”

Jason O’Halloran
Qualifying: 11th   Time: 1’29.614
“It’s not been an ideal day, we’re struggling in a few areas. I was disappointed not to make Q3 but we tried. We’ll put our heads together tonight and see what we can do for tomorrow. The weather is obviously going to play a huge part, it looks like it could be wet for one race and dry for the other so we’ll get up tomorrow morning and see what the day brings.”

Matt Truelove
Qualifying: 29th     Time: 1’31.629
“It’s not been a great day. I felt good on the bike this morning and went quicker than I’ve ever gone around here but things just didn’t come together for us in qualifying. The weather looks like it could come in to play tomorrow so we’ll see what that does and go from there.”

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“It’s been a difficult day. Yesterday was wet so this morning was kind of starting from scratch, we’re trying a couple of new parts and for whatever reason it’s just not come together this weekend. Taz should have been in Q3 really, but we made the mistake of not sending him back out at the end of Q2 on a new tyre and he just got nudged out in the end. Jason tried, but just lost a bit too much time to make progress. The boys are putting their heads together tonight to see what they can come up with for tomorrow, but we have to see what the weather does before choosing a direction to go in.”

The penultimate round of the 2019 Bennetts British Superbike championship proved to be a testing one for McAMS Yamaha with both Tarran Mackenzie and Jason O’Halloran struggling throughout the weekend.

The duo couldn’t find a feeling in the dry on Saturday with the team missing Q3 for the first time this year. There was hope on Sunday morning when Mackenzie sat third in a wet warm-up, but both races would end up being dry meaning the riders headed in blind having been unable to test any improvements in dry conditions prior to race one.

After a difficult start, the duo would struggle to make progress throughout the race with O’Halloran crossing the line 11th and Mackenzie 12th. They did however manage to improve their grid positions for race two, starting seventh and eighth on the third row of the grid.

A better start saw the duo fighting for the top six throughout before dropping back at the end. Mackenzie finished ninth and O’Halloran tenth.

After the challenging weekend, Mackenzie still sits fifth in the title chase now 21 points behind fourth-placed Danny Buchan, while O’Halloran remains in contention for the Riders’ Cup in ninth.

Matt Truelove managed to improve from a difficult qualifying to finish 21st in both of the day’s outings.

After what has been a disappointing round, the team will put their heads together in the time leading up to Brands Hatch as they seek to return to the sharp end for the final round of the year, which takes place between 18-20 October.

Tarran Mackenzie
Race 1: 12th   Race 2: 9th   Championship: 5th
“As we didn’t get a dry warm-up, we couldn’t try something different so we went into race one a little blind. The bike didn’t feel the best and I struggled a lot on the front. We made a change for race two which definitely helped the bike, I had a lot stronger pace and was a lot closer to the guys in front which was good. I’m feeling better in myself and on the bike and gaining a lot more confidence. Brands was good for us earlier in the year until the crash so hopefully we can end the year on a high.”

Jason O’Halloran
Race 1: 11th Race 2: 10th   Championship: 5th
“That was one of the more difficult weekends. We struggled all weekend. Friday was wet, Saturday was dry and both races today were dry. We generally struggled to find a feeling. I struggled for grip in the first race and in one of the biggest surprises, I really struggled on new tyres. I got stronger towards the end once the tyre went away and did my fastest lap on the last lap of the race which is a bit backwards. Race two was better but I struggled with wheelie on the stop start corners, I’m having to use the rear brake so much we’re just getting beat on the straights. We need to see what we can do to improve it to see if we can finish the year off good.”

Matt Truelove
Race 1: 21st   Race 2: 21st 
“It was an interesting race day, I wouldn’t say I’m happy but I’m not exactly unhappy and I’m a lot happier than yesterday. I felt quite good in that last race but I made a mistake after the safety car and ended up battling with a few people and couldn’t get back through. All in all it’s been a productive weekend. There’s one more weekend left to see if we can try and score some points!”

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“That was a tough weekend. You can put positives on it, like we all came away in once piece and had no damaged bikes, but quite simply the results were not good enough. We have shown throughout the year that we can fight towards the front and even if one rider has had a tough weekend, the other one has been fighting for the podium or at the very least the top six. We’ll put our heads together and find out what went wrong. We seem to be struggling a bit with wheelie and there are a few other things, but the boys are already on it so we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks and hopefully we can end the season on a high at Brands.”


CIRCUITDonington Park
ADDRESSCastle Donington, Derby DE74 2RP


LENGTH (KM) 4.003




Lap Record


Best Lap

BIKEJG Speedfit Kawasaki

2017 Result

1.Leon HASLAM (JG Speedfit Kawasaki)29:58.902
2.Josh BROOKES (TAG Yamaha)+2.716
3.Glenn IRWIN (PBM Ducati)+9.535