Oulton Park – 06.05.2019

4TH / 7TH


13 PTS / 9 PTS

8TH / 5TH


8 PTS / 11 PTS

DNF / 24TH


0 PTS / 0 PTS

1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1:35.6241:34.3211:45.828--
2Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1:35.9821:35.0441:47.6800.7230.723
3Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1:35.6741:35.4991:45.1731.1780.455
4Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki1:36.6901:35.631-1.3100.132
5Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1:36.5201:35.8131:47.1361.4920.182
6Christian IDDONTyco BMW1:36.8521:35.8771:41.4801.5560.064
7Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1:36.0971:35.9401:53.5721.6190.063
8Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki1:37.6531:36.0411:44.8551.7200.101
9Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1:37.0041:36.2921:47.2701.9710.251
10Keith FARMERTyco BMW1:37.3141:36.538-2.2170.246
11Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki1:36.9281:36.560-2.2390.022
12Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1:38.8261:36.6371:49.0282.3160.077
13Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1:36.6511:36.6401:44.5402.3190.003
14Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:36.6781:36.9001:43.9562.3570.038
15Andrew IRWINQuattro Kawasaki1:37.7691:36.7621:43.4352.4410.084
16Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1:37.7001:36.8441:46.4502.5230.082
17Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1:37.5031:36.8651:47.7492.5440.021
18David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1:38.1841:37.1601:49.3782.8390.295
19Xavi FORESHonda Racing1:38.4441:37.3631:47.4573.0420.203
20Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati1:37.6791:37.3741:48.3703.0530.011
21Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki1:38.0971:37.4351:47.8993.1140.061
22Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1:38.2751:37.4571:43.5423.1360.022
23Ben CURRIEQuattro Kawasaki1:37.458--3.1370.001
24Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1:38.0661:37.6441:46.0993.3230.186
25Claudio CORTITeam WD-401:38.7021:37.8861:47.6113.5650.242
26James ELLISONSmiths BMW1:39.4581:38.2121:48.6993.8910.326
27Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1:38.4551:38.3991:49.8904.0780.187
28Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1:38.8951:39.0441:47.4244.5740.496
29Faser ROGERSGearlink Kawaski1:39.205--4.8840.310
30Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki-1:39.7541:48.6745.4330.549
31James HillierQuattro Kawasaki1:40.6301:39.8891:48.2855.5680.135
1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1:34.9501:34.7121:34.084--
2Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1:35.8811:35.3691:34.7090.6250.625
3Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1:35.5911:34.7291:34.8850.8010.176
4Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1:35.7341:35.2841:34.9400.8560.055
5Christian IDDONTyco BMW1:35.6941:35.2461:35.0130.9290.073
6Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1:35.3051:35.2271:35.0220.9380.009
7Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1:36.0311:35.2621:35.1661.0820.144
8Keith FARMERTyco BMW1:36.1971:35.3881:35.2271.1430.061
9Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki1:35.9411:35.3371:35.3431.2590.116
10Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki1:36.1431:35.4071.3230.064
11Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki1:36.4071:35.4081.3240.001
12Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1:35.9591:35.4811.3970.073
13Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1:35.9881:35.7961.7120.315
14Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1:36.3831:35.8891.8050.093
15Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki1:36.2311:36.0972.0130.208
16Andrew IRWINQuattro Kawasaki1:36.6291:36.4122.3280.315
17David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1:36.1621:36.6702.5860.258
18Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1:36.3291:36.9662.2450.296
19Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati1:36.9112.827-
20Claudio CORTITeam WD-401:36.9382.8540.027
21Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1:36.9732.8890.035
22James ELLISONSmiths BMW1:37.1683.0840.195
23Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1:37.1783.0940.010
24Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:37.2353.1510.057
25Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1:37.2423.1580.007
26Xavi FORESHonda Racing1:37.2713.1870.029
27Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1:37.7633.6790.492
28Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki1:38.1864.1020.423
29James HillierQuattro Kawasaki1:38.8174.7330.631
1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1727:07.8411:35.104
2Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1727:08.0450.2040.2041:35.061
3Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1727:11.3843.5433.3391:35.299
4Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1727:15.1487.3073.7641:35.273
5Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1727:18.37010.5293.2221:35.458
6Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1727:18.48910.6480.1191:35.417
7Keith FARMERTyco BMW1727:23.59915.7585.1101:35.831
8Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1727:23.98816.1470.3891:35.648
9Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki1727:24.70016.8590.7121:35.622
10Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki1727:27.20519.3642.5051:35.884
11Andrew IRWINQuattro Kawasaki1727:27.22719.3860.0221:36.020
12Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki1727:38.51430.67311.2871:36.538
13Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1727:38.90431.0630.3901:36.402
14Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1727:41.28733.4462.3831:36.056
15David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1727:51.54743.70610.2601:36.789
16Xavi FORESHonda Racing1727:55.34147.5003.7941:37.297
17Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati1727:55.79747.9560.4561:36.908
18Claudio CORTITeam WD-401727:56.07048.2290.2731:37.156
19Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1727:56.39648.5550.3261:37.210
20James HILLIERQuattro Kawasaki1728:04.62656.7858.2301:37.705
21Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1728:10.8973.0566.2711:37.257
22Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1728:11.1583.3170.2611:38.444
23James ELLISONSmiths BMW1428:01.1943 Laps3 Laps1:37.829
24Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki1527:55.2692 Laps0.0001:36.706
25Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki1423:13.1653 Laps1 Lap1:38.227
26Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1321:52.2834 Laps1 Lap1:38.368
27Christian IDDONTyco BMW1219:59.6465 Laps1 Lap1:35.316
28Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki406:31.01813 Laps8 Laps1:35.712
29Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW0----

FASTEST LAP – 46 Tommy BRIDEWELL 1:35.061

1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1828:37.183--1:34.699
2Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1828:39.8692.6862.6861:34.744
3Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1828:44.2187.0354.3491:35.082
4Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1828:46.5539.3702.3351:35.106
5Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1828:46.7979.6140.2441:35.051
6Christian IDDONTyco BMW1828:49.75512.5722.9581:35.122
7Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1828:53.32516.1423.5701:35.468
8Keith FARMERTyco BMW1828:53.35416.1710.0291:35.571
9Andrew IRWINQuattro Kawasaki1828:57.98420.8014.6301:35.728
10Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki1828:58.07520.8920.0911:35.685
11Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1828:58.21021.0270.1351:35.519
12Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1829:00.52223.3392.3121:35.638
13Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1829:02.19625.0131.6741:35.951
14Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki1829:02.22425.0410.0281:35.723
15Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki1829:09.93132.7487.7071:35.574
16Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1829:13.40836.2253.4771:36.578
17Xavi FORESHonda Racing1829:21.70444.5218.2961:37.043
18Dean HARRISONSilicone Kawasaki1829:21.81644.6330.1121:36.521
19Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati1829:22.48245.2990.6661:36.516
20David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1829:22.58945.4060.1071:36.769
21Claudio CORTITeam WD-401829:22.79845.6150.2091:36.685
22Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki1829:27.84550.6625.0471:36.324
23Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1829:36.53459.3518.6891:37.508
24Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1829:39.6731:02.4903.1391:37.832
25Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1829:44.5511:07.3684.8781:37.629
26James HILLIERQuattro Kawasaki1829:44.7901:07.6070.2391:37.921
27James ELLISONSmiths BMW1814:49.5229 Laps9 Laps1:36.585
28Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki1813:28.18910 Laps1 Lap1:37.601
29Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1806:37.64414 Laps4 Laps1:37.375

FASTEST LAP – #25 Josh BROOKES 1:34.699


The McAMS Yamaha team left the second round of the 2019 Bennetts British Superbike championship with a strong-points haul despite a challenging weekend at Oulton Park.

Finding a set-up for the undulating Cheshire track wasn’t easy with a number of disruptions throughout the weekend, including numerous red flags in Friday’s opening practice while both FP3 and warm-up were wet, limiting time to find the bike’s sweet spot for both riders. Despite this, both riders brought home a pair of top ten finishes from the two races with Tarran Mackenzie continuing to joint-lead the championship, now tied with Ducati’s Tommy Bridewell.

Starting the first race from fourth on the grid, O’Halloran got off to a strong start and sat comfortably in third before losing out to Danny Buchan in the second half of the race. He’d cross the line fourth, but his lap time would move him on to the front row of the grid for the second encounter. However, despite another strong start he’d drop back through the pack and cross the line seventh, later revealing he was struggling with a fractured humerus sustained in the crash at last week’s Oulton Park test.

Setting off from 12th on the grid in race one, Mackenzie made good ground on lap one until he outbroke himself at Lodge, re-joining in 17th. He’d fight back through to eighth. Starting race two from the third row, Mackenzie got off to a steady start but soon picked off the opposition, moving into fifth in the latter stages of the races, narrowly missing out on stealing fourth from Scott Redding on the final lap.

Tied with Tommy Bridewell on 64 points, Mackenzie remains championship leader while O’Halloran celebrated his first points of the season and sits ninth overall after the second round.

It was a difficult weekend for Matt Truelove, who went the wrong way with set-up and was unable to rectify this given the lack of track time. A DNF in race one would be followed by a 24th in the second race.

The next round of the Bennetts British Superbike championship takes place in three weeks’ time as the series makes the first of two visits to Donington Park between 24-26 May.

Tarran Mackenzie
Race 1: 8th  Race 2: 5th
“It’s been a tricky weekend, race one was difficult as I out braked myself into Lodge on the first lap, making it hard work for myself as I re-joined 17th! I managed to finish eighth which wasn’t too bad and then had a better starting position in race two. I got stuck behind a rider for a bit too long, two or three laps, but once I got past I managed to chase after Jason, Christian and Scott and finally caught Scott, but I was a little bit too late to take fourth! Fifth place doesn’t sound great, but after the weekend I’ve had I’m happy with that. We’ve got a good feeling on the bike and I’m looking forward to my home round in a couple of weeks’ time.”

Jason O’Halloran 
Race 1: 4th    Race 2: 7th
“It’s good to score some points! I was really happy with fourth in race one, but in race two I struggled a bit and ended up seventh. We had to salvage as many points as we could after not scoring at Silverstone, but it wasn’t easy as unfortunately last week at the test I had a small slip off at Hizzy’s and fractured my right humerus just near my shoulder… I haven’t said a lot about it as I wanted to keep my head down and everyone focused on what we were doing, but riding Oulton Park with a slightly broken bone is not ideal. We’ve got a few weeks now before Donington, so I’ll keep on with the therapy, get fit and healthy and hopefully be back to full fitness.”

Matt Truelove
Race 1: DNF    Race 2: 24th
“It wasn’t the easiest weekend. If I’m honest, I think we went the complete wrong way with our set-up and didn’t realise until it was too late with the disruptions to the schedule. I think we convinced ourselves it wasn’t too bad as we were so quick in the wet, but the races were both really tough. We’re still learning and while it’s disappointing, it’s a good learning experience and I’m looking forward to getting to Donington Park and trying again.”

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“It’s been one of those weekends where things didn’t seem to want to go our way, but the boys got their heads down and came home with some decent points, which is a good result as when you’re struggling it’s easy to push too hard and end up in the gravel with no points at all. Taz rode really well in the second race and all things considered, Jason has had a great weekend. Riding Oulton Park with that sort of injury can’t have been easy, so fair play to him. We now need to re-group and focus on getting back to the front for Donington.”


CIRCUITOulton Park Circuit
ADDRESSLittle Budworth, Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 9BW


LENGTH (KM) 4.332




Lap Record

BIKEMilwaukee Yamaha

Best Lap

BIKERAF Kawasaki

2017 Result

1.Dan LINFOOT (Honda Racing)28:54.097
2.Leon HASLAM (JG Speedfit Kawasaki)+0.054
3.Bradley RAY (Buildbase Suzuki)+0.114