BRANDS HATCH GP – 16.06.2019

8TH / 9TH


8 PTS / 7 PTS



0 PTS / 0 PTS

18TH / 18TH


0 PTS / 0 PTS

1Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1:26.4891:26.0961:25.196--
2Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1:26.4391:25.6151:25.4790.2830.283
3Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1:27.4271:26.3891:25.6790.4830.200
4Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1:26.8221:26.3451:25.8420.6460.163
5Christian IDDONTyco BMW-1:26.0971:26.0420.8460.200
6Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1:27.4851:26.8061:26.0830.8870.041
7Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1:27.5491:26.6371:26.2501.0540.167
8Keith FARMERTyco BMW1:27.6521:27.0571:26.2551.0590.005
9Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1:28.0261:27.1891:26.2971.1010.042
10Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1:27.3171:26.9231:26.2991.1030.002
11Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki1:27.7651:26.7361:26.2991.1030.000
12Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1:26.4591:26.4121:26.4121.2160.113
13Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1:26.6311:26.5721:26.4211.2250.009
14Claudio CORTITeam WD-401:28.8071:27.4891:26.4961.3000.075
15David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1:28.4291:27.6641:26.7101.5140.214
16Andrew IRWINHonda Racing1:27.6431:27.0151:26.7291.5330.019
17James ELLISONSmiths BMW1:27.8301:28.0511:26.7351.5390.006
18Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:27.7231:26.8411:27.1381.6450.106
19Xavi FORESHonda Racing1:28.0771:27.6891:26.8921.6960.051
20Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki1:27.6641:27.7281:26.9891.7930.097
21Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1:28.3141:27.9291:27.0641.8680.075
22Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki-1:28.0411:27.2872.0910.223
23Hector BARBERAJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:28.6051:27.687-2.4910.400
24Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1:28.5791:28.0031:27.8052.6090.118
25Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati-1:28.1551:27.9952.7990.190
26Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1:29.9211:28.9501:28.2383.0420.243
27Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1:30.8951:28.9831:28.5923.3960.354
28Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki1:30.7861:28.6921:28.6313.4350.039
1Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1:25.4711:25.4591:24.971-
2Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1:25.4421:25.1051:24.9780.007
3Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1:26.0301:25.3191:25.2960.325
4Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1:26.0311:25.7571:25.5160.545
5Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1:25.5621:25.3981:25.5940.623
6Christian IDDONTyco BMW1:25.5901:25.5791:25.6210.650
7Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1:26.3621:25.6461:25.7100.739
8Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1:26.0941:25.6821:25.8520.881
9Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1:25.5701:25.296-0.325
10Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1:26.2111:25.8050.834
11Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki1:26.1191:25.8190.848
12Keith FARMERTyco BMW1:26.3981:25.8980.927
13Andrew IRWINHonda Racing1:26.4591:25.9080.937
14Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:26.5501:26.0911.120
15Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1:26.8851:26.3681.397
16Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki1:26.7901:26.3691.398
17David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1:26.6841:26.4801.509
18James ELLISONSmiths BMW1:26.6571:27.0252.054
19Xavi FORESHonda Racing1:26.9061.935
20Claudio CORTITeam WD-401:27.0522.081
21Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati1:27.2072.236
22Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1:27.2632.292
23Hector BARBERAJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:27.3162.345
24Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1:27.5762.605
25Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1:27.6462.675
26Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1:28.2623.291
27Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki1:28.5263.555
1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati2032:05.032--1:33.285
2Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha2032:06.7681.7361.7361:34.141
3Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati2032:10.2565.2243.4881:34.405
4Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki2032:11.3376.3051.0811:34.288
5Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW2032:14.8689.8363.5311:34.857
6Keith FARMERTyco BMW2032:21.55316.5216.6851:34.334
7Christian IDDONTyco BMW2032:22.18217.1500.6291:35.149
8Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha2032:22.77517.7430.5931:34.924
9Andrew IRWINHonda Racing2032:22.96617.9340.1911:34.750
10Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki2032:27.43822.4064.4721:33.792
11Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki2032:30.54925.5173.1111:34.736
12James ELLISONSmiths BMW2032:34.13029.0983.5811:34.958
13Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki2032:58.34053.30824.2101:36.507
14Xavi FORESHonda Racing2032:58.47253.4400.1321:35.991
15Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki2032:59.22254.1900.7501:35.793
16Claudio CORTITeam WD-402032:59.35154.3190.1291:36.323
17Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki2033:01.12456.0921.7731:37.389
18Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha2033:02.17257.1401.0481:36.894
19Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki2033:08.5901:03.5586.4181:35.855
20Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki2033:18.7701:13.73810.1801:37.470
21Sylvain BARRIERBrixx Ducati2033:24.9611:19.9296.1911:37.389
22Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati2033:28.1491:23.1173.1881:32.571
23Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1932:27.4631 Lap1 Lap1:38.452
24Hector BARBERAJG Speedfit Kawasaki1933:22.8991 Lap55.4361:43.875
DNFJoe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1017:22.14410 Laps9 Laps1:40.556
1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati2028:44.861--1:25.643
2Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati2028:45.0990.2380.2381:25.636
3Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati2028:55.10910.24810.0101:25.782
4Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki2028:58.88514.0243.7761:26.229
5Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha2029:00.42915.5681.5441:26.052
6Christian IDDONTyco BMW2029:01.76016.8991.3311:26.404
7Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW2029:03.22518.3641.4651:26.346
8Keith FARMERTyco BMW2029:04.78719.9261.5621:26.440
9Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha2029:06.99922.1382.2121:26.602
10Glenn IRWINJG Speedfit Kawasaki2029:12.08427.2235.0851:26.858
11Luke MOSSEYOMG Suzuki2029:12.14527.2840.0611:26.958
12Andrew IRWINHonda Racing2029:12.40827.5470.2631:26.983
13Xavi FORESHonda Racing2029:14.21629.3551.8081:26.944
14James ELLISONSmiths BMW2029:20.91636.0556.7001:27.055
15Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki2029:21.08736.2260.1711:27.254
16Claudio CORTITeam WD-402029:21.75436.8930.6671:27.306
17Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki2029:26.25741.3964.5031:27.083
18Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha2029:30.43045.5694.1731:27.563
19Sylvan BARRIERBrixx Ducati2029:32.57447.7132.1441:27.526
20Hector BARBERAJG Speedfit Kawasaki2029:38.53853.6775.9641:27.944
21Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW2029:42.86158.0004.3231:28.112
22Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki2029:49.9805.1197.1191:28.424
23Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha2029:50.0155.1540.0351:28.058
24Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki2029:56.56911.7086.5541:28.728
DNFBradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki710:18.41513 Laps13 Laps1:27.055
DNSTarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha-----


The fourth round of the 2019 Bennetts British Superbike championship at Brands Hatch proved to be a challenging one for the McAMS Yamaha team with young gun Tarran Mackenzie forced to sit out of Sunday’s two races while team-mate Jason O’Halloran struggled to convert his front row start into results.

After knocking himself out in a 100mph crash in qualifying, Mackenzie had no choice but to sit out of both races given BSB’s understandably strict rules on concussion. Battered and bruised from the crash, rest was the doctor’s orders for the 23-year-old and while he was on hand to support the team, he’ll now focus on returning to full fitness ahead of Knockhill.

Given he’d secured his first front row start since Silverstone, there were high hopes for Jason O’Halloran but he was unable to transform his rapid qualifying pace into race pace, struggling with a number of issues in both races.

As the typically-British summer continued, the opening race was wet and despite a rocket start from the front row of the grid, O’Halloran would struggle for pace as the circuit dried, dropping back to cross the line eighth. A poor lap time left him 11th on the grid for the dry second race and in spite of another strong start, he was beaten up in the early stages. As far back as 15th, he fought through to ninth but struggling with a lack of feeling from the front, he’d not progress further than that.

BSB rookie Matt Truelove enjoyed his strongest meeting yet, matching his career-best finish of 18th in both races and significantly reducing the gap to the next group. He had been running in a points-scoring position until his tyre significantly dropped off in the wet opening race.

Despite missing both races, Mackenzie still sits fourth in the championship standings, 34 points off new series leader Tommy Bridewell. O’Halloran remains tenth overall.

The team now turn their focus to Knockhill, where they enjoyed a positive test earlier this week. The fifth round of the 2019 season takes place between the 28-30 June.

Jason O’Halloran 
Race 1: 8th  Race 2: 9th  Champ pos: 10th 
“After qualifying on the front row yesterday, we were expecting a lot better than what we got today. The first race was really tricky in the wet conditions, I started quite well but I had a problem with a lack of feeling at the front end and slowly drifted back. I started the second race on row four, which was always going to be difficult. The first lap was something else, there were people left, right and centre and I ended up 15thon lap one. I got back up to ninth and then didn’t have any more pace to close down the gap, so we had to bring it home for some points. We have some work to do, we have to improve the feeling with the bike. We’ll put our heads together and try and improve our race pace. I need a better feeling in race conditions.”

Tarran Mackenzie
Race 1: DNS    Race 2: DNS    Champ pos: 4th 
“I’m OK but a bit battered and bruised. I was knocked out, so can’t really remember the crash. It’s frustrating, but it’s right that I’m not allowed to ride. I’ll get some rest over the next few days and then focus on getting fit for Knockhill. Thanks for all the messages and support.”

Matt Truelove
Race 1: 18th    Race 2: 18th 
“I’m really pleased with today. The first race was great, we were battling within the points but as the track dried my tyre dropped off a cliff and I just had no grip whatsoever. In race two, once I got through a couple of battles I set about closing down the group ahead and I’m really pleased with how close I was to them at the end as if we can continue working to close that gap we should be looking at points. The feeling with the front has improved too, so I leave here happy!”

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“It’s been a tough weekend all round. We’re gutted for Taz as we think he’d have had the pace to run at the front today, but it wasn’t to be and the main thing is he’s OK. Clearly something is missing for Jason at the minute. He showed what both he and the bike are capable of at Silverstone so we need to put our heads together and see if we can help him find that feeling again. I also have to say a well done to Matt, as it was a mega weekend for him.”


CIRCUITBrands Hatch Circuit
ADDRESSFawkham, Longfield, Kent DA3 8NG


LENGTH (KM)3.916


No. of Turns12


Lap Record


Best Lap


2017 Result

1.Josh BROOKES (TAG Yamaha)28:59.284
2.Jason O'Halloran (Honda Racing)+0.687
3.James ELLISON (McAMS Yamaha)+0.857