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1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1:27.2211:42.430---
2Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1:27.317--0.0960.096
3Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1:27.7681:40.223-0.5470.451
4Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1:27.785--0.5640.017
5Andrew IRWINHonda Racing1:27.875--0.6540.090
6Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1:27.8851:46.725-0.6640.010
7Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki1:28.0161:43.731-0.7950.131
8Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1:28.247--1.0260.231
9Glenn IRWINTyco BMW1:28.4411:48.734-1.2200.194
10Christian IDDONTyco BMW1:28.441--1.2200.000
11Claudio CORTITeam WD-401:28.4461:45.633-1.2250.005
12Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1:28.687--1.4660.241
13Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1:28.7831:46.188-1.5620.096
14Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki1:28.893--1.6720.110
15Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1:28.966--1.7450.073
16David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1:28.9691:46.089-1.7480.003
17Xavi FORÉSHonda Racing1:29.082--1.8610.113
18Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1:29.3381:47.104-2.1170.256
19Ben CURRIEJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:29.410--2.1890.072
20Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1:29.742--2.5210.332
21Gino REABike Devil MV Agusta1:29.893--2.6720.151
22Billy McCONNELLOMG Suzuki1:29.895--2.6740.002
23Héctor BARBERÁJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:30.354--3.1330.459
24Dean HARRISONSilicone Racing1:30.3611:46.568-3.1400.007
25Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1:30.3731:48.495-3.1520.012
26Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki1:30.640--3.4190.267
27Fraser ROGERSGearlink Kawasaki1:30.6911:48.234-3.4700.051
28Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1:30.837--3.6160.146
29Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1:31.572--4.3510.735
1Josh BROOKESBe Wiser Ducati1:15.4891:14.6091:26.219-
2Bradley RAYBuildbase Suzuki1:15.0831:14.8341:26.4430.224
3Tommy BRIDEWELLOxford Ducati1:15.8781:14.6111:26.4950.276
4Scott REDDINGBe Wiser Ducati1:15.3121:14.5641:26.5130.294
5Danny BUCHANFS-3 Kawasaki1:15.9281:14.2741:26.5640.345
6Jason O'HALLORANMcAMS Yamaha1:15.2391:14.7011:26.9980.779
7Dan LINFOOTTAG Yamaha1:15.2301:14.8681:27.1030.884
8Christian IDDONTyco BMW1:15.0641:14.9621:27.2431.024
9Glenn IRWINTyco BMW1:15.0321:14.8481:27.2891.070
10Andrew IRWINHonda Racing1:15.3501:27.2120.993
11Peter HICKMANSmiths BMW1:14.9191:27.2531.034
12Luke STAPLEFORDBuildbase Suzuki1:15.2041:27.4201.201
13Xavi FORÉSHonda Racing1:15.6041:27.8181.599
14Matt TRUELOVERaceways Yamaha1:15.4931:27.9581.739
15Gino REABike Devil MV Agusta1:15.4951:28.0551.836
16Josh ELLIOTTOMG Suzuki1:15.4771:28.1161.897
17Tarran MACKENZIEMcAMS Yamaha1:15.4941:28.1231.904
18Ryan VICKERSRAF Kawasaki1:28.2452.026
19Ben CURRIEJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:28.5442.325
20Billy McCONNELLOMG Suzuki1:28.5472.328
21Héctor BARBERÁJG Speedfit Kawasaki1:28.5572.338
22Dean HARRISONSilicone Racing1:28.6392.420
23Joe FRANCISLloyd & Jones BMW1:28.8722.653
24Claudio CORTITeam WD-401:29.0592.840
25David ALLIGHAMEHA Yamaha1:29.1772.958
26Sam COVENTRYTeam 64 Kawasaki1:29.1822.963
27Shaun WINFIELDTAG Yamaha1:29.4743.255
28Dean HIPWELLCDH Racing Kawasaki1:29.8543.635
29Fraser ROGERSGearlink Kawasaki1:30.4404.221




Rain stopped play on the opening day of the eighth round of the 2019 Bennetts British Superbike championship at Cadwell Park.

After a productive three-hour test on Thursday evening, it looked as though it would be dry for Friday’s opening practice but as the green flag came out the rain began to fall. While it wasn’t wet enough for wets, parts of the circuit were damp so conditions were somewhat sketchy throughout the session.

Tarran Mackenzie, who completed 16 laps on Thursday evening to assess whether his wrist was OK for the weekend, opted to sit out most of the session – completing just three laps at the end as he continues to experiment with ways of making his wrist more comfortable on the bike.

Jason O’Halloran spent a bit of time on track, completing 11 laps and placing eighth on the timesheets at the end of the session.

Conditions were soggy for the start of FP3, with Mackenzie ruling out participation as he opted to save himself given the more favourable forecast for the rest of the weekend. O’Halloran was unsure as to whether he’d head out, but opted not to in the end as the rain got worse. It proved to be the right call with the session coming to a premature end with standing water on the track.

Matt Truelove rounded out the opening practice session 15th. The boys will be back on track for FP3 at 10:25 tomorrow with qualifying taking place at 16:00.

Jason O’Halloran
Pos: 8thth Time: 1’28.247
“This morning wasn’t a bad session, it was a bit interrupted with the rain so it wasn’t a normal session. We still got through a bit and had a plan for this afternoon to change the balance of the bike a bit but the rain came down so we decided to sit it out. The rain was quite heavy so it was for the best. We’re ready for tomorrow, hopefully it’ll be dry in the morning so we can get on with what we need to do before qualifying.”

Tarran Mackenzie
Pos: 28th Time: 1’30.837
“We haven’t done much today, the conditions were sketchy this morning so I didn’t want to risk it and then it rained so much in FP2 the session was brought to an end. The wrist is feeling good, the physios have done a great job and I’ve got it all strapped up. We’ve been trying a few things to make it more comfortable on the bike. In the test last night I had quite a good feeling so that’s good as ideally I want to be doing minimal laps until it matters to save myself for race day.”

Matt Truelove
Pos: 15th  Time: 1’28.966
“I didn’t feel too good in last night’s test, took me a while to get going again but this morning felt a lot better. I enjoy riding around here so to be 15th was encouraging as it’s closer than we’ve been all season. If we can keep that going and fight for points on Sunday I’ll be happy.”

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“Today hasn’t been so productive with the weather but it’s good for Taz as he needs to be doing as little as possible! Jason got off to a good start and the boys have an idea of the direction they want to go in. Fortunately we were able to get a good number of laps in last night with Jason spending the entire three hour session out on track. Taz managed 16 laps, the aim for him was to see whether he would be able to ride and he established his wrist could hold up and decided to leave it there as the bike felt good. He’ll get back out in FP3 tomorrow, when hopefully it’ll be dry again!”


CIRCUITCadwell Park Circuit
ADDRESSLouth, Lincolnshire LN11 9SE


LENGTH (KM)3.508


No. of Turns11


Lap Record


Best Lap

BIKEHonda Racing

2017 Result

1.Josh BROOKES (TAG Yamaha)16:59.718
2.James ELLISON (McAMS Yamaha)+0.274
3.Shane BYRNE (PBM Ducati)+0.732